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  • Do you delivery? Yes, delivery is available within a 60 mile radius of Stonecrest, GA.

  • Is there a delivery fee? Yes, there is $40 delivery fee for orders within a 25 mile radius. Deliveries outside of a 25 mile radius will be charged an additional $5 per additional 5 miles.

  • Is there a cost for additional cake flavors? Yes, there is a $25 added cost for single tier cakes (two flavors per single tier cake). There is a $50 cost incurred for each additional cake flavor added to cakes of two or more tiers.

  • Do you accept last minute orders? Yes, it is based on availability. Orders placed less than two weeks prior to delivery/pickup, there is $50 rush fee that will be assessed. Orders placed within 72 hours or less of delivery/pickup will be assessed a $100 rush fee.

Have a decadent day!

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